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Report Bugs

Report Bugs Here!

Bear in mind that Domain Spoon is a work in progress.  We are continually adding features, making things more stable, and creating new and exciting ways to check the link profiles of expired domains.

There are some parts of this application that we cannot control.  For one, this application uses APIs that are not our own.  We use the Namecheap API to check for available domains.  Then, when domains are found to be available, they are run through the SEOMoz API (Mozscape) to check their link profile metrics.  We have no control over these APIs, and they do go down sometimes.  Luckily, they usually don’t go down for very long.

However, there may be some other errors that we can fix.  We would definitely like to hear about these.  If you experience an error that we should know about, please let us know about it.  To do so, please leave a comment below.

Important:  Please include the browser you are using… as well as the version number.  For example, if you are using Firefox 14.0.1, include that information in your comment.

Thanks!  You are awesome.

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