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Mozscape API Problems Still Delaying the Beta

Perfect timing!

Murphy’s Law, maybe?

Just as I opened up the doors to the expired domain hunting community, the Mozscape API breaks.

After numerous calls, e-mails and forum requests to Mozscape support, they SEOMoz refuses to take any responsibility for the problem.

They tell me that there must be something wrong with the API call I’m trying to make.  Normally, I would say, “Okay.  Let me go back through the stuff we changed right before it stopped working.”

The only problem is… we hadn’t made any changes to the code for about a week.  It was working one day, and then not working the next.

Worse yet, Mozscape support (while very polite and nice) always tells me to post my problem on the developer’s forum.  Which means that I need to type out my problem on the forum and then wait for someone to answer.  The answer is always something like “Here are some links to some code examples of what you are trying to do…”

When I reply to that answer asking for something more specific, I never get an answer back.

Mozscape support has admitted that something might be going on due to all of the upgrades that are happening to make the API faster… but they are still not saying that the API is broken.

Very frustrating.

So, for now, we are not adding any more users to the Domain Spoon Beta Program until we get this problem resolved.  There is no use in giving people access to an application that doesn’t work properly.

If you are on the waiting list to test the application, please be patient.  We are working on the problem as quickly as we possible.  Very soon we will be re-opening the doors to the application.


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