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Clickbank Approved

I am proud announce that Domain Spoon has finally been approved by Clickbank.

There was a lot of back and forth between me and Clickbank support.

The pricing had to be a certain way… the wording on the sales page had to be just so… there had to be certain notifications on the thank you page, etc.

Then, I had to get things just right on the back end.  There had to be certain codes that matched, both on the Clickbank side and the membership software side.  To be honest, this was a little confusing… even for a technical guy like me.

There was a lot more to the process than I had originally thought.

But heck, it was my first Clickbank product ever, so all things considered, I think I did okay.  Plus, I’m super excited to learn how to do this right so that it won’t be so difficult the next time around.

Long story short, things are finally in order.

So, what does this mean?

It means, NOW is your chance to make some money!

Getting in on the ground floor of an affiliate program can be a powerful and strategic move.

Here’s why:

  1. There is almost no one promoting Domain Spoon right now.
  2. There are very few videos out there that show how the software works
  3. There is almost no one out there optimizing for keywords like “Domain Spoon” or “Domain Spoon Review” or “Domain Spoon Promo Code” and other common keyword phrases people will soon be searching for.

This is your chance to start optimizing for these keywords before anyone else does.

Clickbank makes it very easy to promote software and make money.  They have a solid 30-day affiliate cookie, and I have an affiliate program with a 20% recurring commission.

For the record… Yes, I am biased.  Domain Spoon is my product.  It’s my baby.  Lots of blood, sweat and tears went into this application to ensure that it was the best tool available to help people find potentially-valuable expired domains.

If you have ever used Domain Spoon, you know that there is nothing that there is nothing else that compares.

To read more about the Domain Spoon Affiliate Program, click here.

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