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An Inconvenient Necessity: Pre-Qualifying Domains

Over the weekend, we launched a new “feature” on Domain Spoon.

I guess you could call it a feature, but technically it’s more of a alteration to the basic functionality of the way Domain Spoon runs through a list of domains.

Why did we do this?

Well, honestly, it was a necessity.  We were running very close to ourMozscape paid API limit for the month, and it was only the middle of October… and with only a small handful of users.

So, we have taken a queue from Hadyen in how he pre-screens or pre-qualifies domains before running them through his application that checks domains with the paid API.

Hayden checks his domains by running them through an initial check with the free Mozscape API.  Then, he takes the domains that have a PA > 30 and DA > 25 and runs them through the paid API.  In this way, he can conserve his paid API usage without wasting usage on the duds.

That is the mistake I made with Domain Spoon.  It was a very amateurish mistake that I didn’t see in the Beta testing.

The first version of the app checked ALL paid metrics, even if the Domain Authority was a 5, 2 or 7 (on a scale of 1 to 100).  A domain with a DA of only 7 would probably never be purchased by anyone… so, why waste the paid API on a domain like that?

So, over the weekend, we implemented a change in the way that domains are checked…

When it comes to checking the domain’s metrics, Domain Spoon now runs through the list of domains twice.  Once with the free Mozscape API, and then another pass with the paid API.

The pre-qualification is having a Domain Authority of 20 or greater.  For those domains with a DA of 20 or greater, the paid API is used to check all of the metrics, such as Root Domain MozTrust, Unique C-Block Links, etc.

You can still check domains that fall below this qualifier.  To do so, just click on the ? that you see in the table.  Or, click the REFRESH link at the end of that domain’s row.  I would encourage you, however, to do this sparingly as each one of these clicks uses up another request to the paid API.

The advantage of this is that we can now run much more volume through the application without the risk of being cut off by SEOMoz for exceeding the request limit.

The downside?

Well, there is only one that I can think of… The app is slower.

The speed reduction is only temporary, though.  We are currently working on making the app faster, so you should see speed increases as we polish the app and make it more stable in the coming weeks.

For those of you worried about the spam checker or the PR estimation feature, I am happy to report that they are not going anywhere.  We love those two features as much as you do, so

The spam checker still works that way that it used to.  The Page Rank prediction checker still works the same way, too.

It is my hope that you understand our reasoning for making this change in the application.  As the title of this post says, this is an inconvenient necessity.  The change had to be made so that we didn’t have to limit on jobs and restrict users on how many domains they could run through the application.

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