Attention Domain Flippers & Niche Website Marketers...

Find High Pagerank, Expired Domains... With A Single Mouse Click

Domain Spoon Is A Web-Based Software Utility That Finds, Sorts, And Analyzes Up To 100,000 Domain Names At A Time... Saving You Hours Of Tedious MANUAL Labor

Dear Fellow Marketer,

Domain name flipping is one of the best-kept secrets in Internet marketing -- there's a virtual GOLDMINE of expired domains that are ripe for the taking.

The concept is extremely simple:

  1. Find expired domains.
  2. Sort through them to eliminate invalid and "spammed" domains.
  3. Analyze the metrics of the remaining names to find those with high Google Pagerank and EXISTING, "quality" backlinks.

The thing is... the domain name flipping business is largely a NUMBERS GAME.

That means you have to sift through a TON of raw data to find those few "golden nuggets"... which is a tedious and extremely time-consuming task.

Expired Domain Names With High Google

As a result, once you find them, you can...

The problem is that the process has always been like trying to find "a needle in a haystack" -- UNTIL NOW.

Introducing our NEW, web-based software utility... Domain Spoon.

It's the fastest, easiest way to sort and analyze HUGE numbers of expired domain names.

Domain Spoonís parsing and processing engine utilizes several powerful APIs that help you find CHEAP, available domains (and sub-domains) to register.

But it goes even deeper than that...

Domain Spoon does an exhaustive background check of each domainís link profile.

And, to help you identify link spam, it even lets you to quickly check the anchor text of a domain's incoming links.

In short... Domain Spoon is POWERFUL.

Its processing engine was designed -- from the ground up -- to help you find great, expired domains with amazing link profiles.

You see... Domain Spoon was originally designed for my own personal use. I used to spend literally HOURS checking for expired domains MANUALLY -- but now I can check THOUSANDS of domains in a matter of MINUTES.

In a nutshell... this tool is AWESOME. You'll wonder how you ever got by without it.

Domain Spoon Is Incredibly Easy To Use...

Just login, dump up to 100,000 URLs into the application, click "start," and in short order you'll be presented with all the metrics you need. Domain Spoon QUICKLY uncovers CHEAP, authority domain names.

On top of that, there is absolutely NO SET-UP. It's ready to use as soon you sign in. Easy.

(Note: When you subscribe, you'll receive video training that walks you through using the software step-by-step. But, frankly, it's so easy to use that you may not even need it!)

Get Access To POWERFUL Features That Perform
Essential Functions & SAVE YOU Time And Effort...

Domain Spoon's features include: