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Are PBNs Dead???

Around the end of September of 2014, Google struck one of the biggest blows to SEO since the original Panda (aka “Farmer) Update in February of 2011. In one fell swoop, successful SEOs, both large and small, felt the sting of Panda 4.1 – A Google update designed to create a buzz within a rapidly [...]

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Domain Spoon is Fixed!

As you may have been aware from the last published post, Domain Spoon hit some rocky spots in November and were not addressed until around a month ago.  I am happy to announce that the application has been fully repaired. The patches were applied a couple of weeks ago, actually.  But, I wanted to hold [...]

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Good News, Bad News and Apologies

First, The Apologies… Recent subscribers of Domain Spoon are already aware of the problems the application experienced during the latter part of November and all of December.  Due to a few recent changes in the Moz.com API, the application became virtually unusable when submitting anything over 5 URLs. At first, I didn’t know what had [...]

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New Video Posted (Blogspots)

Part 4 is now posted to YouTube and is available to watch on the video page. This video shows how to use Domain Spoon to find “abandoned” Blogspot domains that are free for you to claim. The video can be found at the bottom of the Domain Spoon Training Page.

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Availability Check Working Better Than Ever!

About 2 days ago, we implemented the second API for availability checking. As mentioned in our previous post, we were having a few issues with the Namecheap.com API.  Although our clients didn’t consider it a “deal-breaker”, it was certainly annoying.  Essentially, when checking domains for availability, the Namecheap API would return an error and the [...]

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Coming Soon: New API for Domain Availability Check

It’s no secret that relying on another company’s API can be inherently problematic. Why? When you depend on code that you have no control over, you are at the mercy of the API developers to maximize the availability and accuracy of their API code, the hardware it resides on, and support it when something goes [...]

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Say “Bye-Bye” to Pre-Launch Discount

On the 1st of March, pricing will go up to $99 / month for all new users. If you are a current subscriber, don’t worry.  You’ve already locked in your discount.  Your price will not change as long as you stay subscribed. If you are not a subscriber and you’ve been sitting on the fence [...]

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Clickbank Approved

I am proud announce that Domain Spoon has finally been approved by Clickbank. There was a lot of back and forth between me and Clickbank support. The pricing had to be a certain way… the wording on the sales page had to be just so… there had to be certain notifications on the thank you [...]

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App Update, New Features, and Affiliates!

Wow, we are almost 2 months into 2013 already. Time is flying! Although we haven’t updated the blog since October of 2012, that doesn’t mean that we have just been sitting around.  Domain Spoon is continually being tested and tweaked.  Bugs are fixed continually, and new features are being planned. Here’s just a little bit [...]

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An Inconvenient Necessity: Pre-Qualifying Domains

Over the weekend, we launched a new “feature” on Domain Spoon. I guess you could call it a feature, but technically it’s more of a alteration to the basic functionality of the way Domain Spoon runs through a list of domains. Why did we do this? Well, honestly, it was a necessity.  We were running [...]

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