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The “Page Rank Prediction” Feature is Here!

The Domain Spoon feature you’ve all been waiting for is here: Google Page Rank Prediction How many times have to wished that there was some method of determining the estimated Google Page Rank of an expired domain with the click of a single button? Here is what I used to do to find the estimated [...]

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Pre-Release Sale… Buy Early. Save Big.

After much debate, I have decided to offer a limited pre-release sale for Domain Spoon. Here’s your chance to grab the best tool on the market for finding authoritative domains, at a steep discount. For a very limited time, I am letting people gain access to this amazing application for only $75 per month. This [...]

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Three Videos Are Finally Done!

If you haven’t been over to the video page / training page lately, you should check it out. Three of the videos are finally done. There were many problems with getting these recorded, edited and uploaded. It’s as if heaven itself didn’t want these videos created. Initially, I didn’t have a microphone. Then, when I [...]

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Domain Spoon Beta is a Success!

Things are going very well for the Domain Spoon Beta Program. So far, we have signed up roughly 20 users, and we have gotten some great feedback about the application. We have already implemented some of the suggestions, such as darkening the overlay (thanks Andre)… and although it may seem like an insignificant detail, if [...]

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Domain Spoon Now Functional But Degraded

As noted in my last post, the Domain Spoon application was having some “issues” with the Mozscape API. To explain a little more, the paid API allows us to request 5 URLs per second, in a single API request.  Since we are using the paid API, we should be able to request 5 URLs per [...]

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Mozscape API Problems Still Delaying the Beta

Perfect timing! Murphy’s Law, maybe? Just as I opened up the doors to the expired domain hunting community, the Mozscape API breaks. After numerous calls, e-mails and forum requests to Mozscape support, they SEOMoz refuses to take any responsibility for the problem. They tell me that there must be something wrong with the API call [...]

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API “Queue” Finally Complete

My devoloper is awesome. Even though he is going on vacation in a couple of days, he has been working hard to deliver the final piece of the puzzle… the one that enables multiple users to “share” the APIs that make the Domain Spoon app tick: The Queue!!! When a user logs in and submits [...]

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Bug Reporting Page Added and New Feature

To those who care, I created a page for the Beta Testers to report bugs. At first, I didn’t know how I wanted people to report application bugs.  I messed around with a contact form for a little while, and gave up on that. Then I thought, “Maybe a forum!”  Yes, the forum idea is [...]

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Alpha Testing Begins

Yes.  It’s that time. Time to begin the Alpha Testing the application.  Beta testing will, of course, be next if all things go well. Although I wouldn’t consider the application slow, we are currently working on some speed enhancements to make things even faster.  The database was really slowing us down, so we made some [...]

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