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Affiliate Program

Domain Spoon now has a robust affiliate program through Clickbank.

The price of our SAAS application is $99 per month with 20% recurring commission.

At the end of the month, Clickbank automatically renews their subscription for another $99 per month.  So, you get another 20% each and every month, until the customer cancels their subscription.

This means that on the first sale you make an immediate $19.80… and then another $19.80 every month as long as the customer stays subscribed.


How to Get Started As An Affiliate

  1. Sign up with Clickbank… then go here.
  2. If you are already signed up with Clickbank, go here:
  3. Create your HopLink.
  4. Create some content of some kind and use your HopLink to refer people to our sales page.
  5. Promote your content through your list, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

That’s it!  When you reach your monetary threshold on Clickbank (you can set this as low as $10), Clickbank will send you a check or deposit the money directly into a bank account.


Promotion Strategy FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions we get about promotion strategies for Domain Spoon.

Does video promotion work?

Yes.  If you have ever used Domain Spoon, you already know how powerful it is.  Once a person sees Domain Spoon in action, the application basically sells itself.  That’s why we recommend promotion by video more than any other promotion method.  If you don’t own video capture software, no problem…. Just use JING (it’s free) to record up to 5 minutes of video.

Does article marketing work?

Yes, article marketing works.  But, video has much more impact.  Article marketing may work if you have one longer article or a series of smaller articles which educate the potential customer on the value of using expired domains.  As with all affiliate promotions, education-based selling works best.

Does email marketing work?

Absolutely.  But, please keep in mind that Domain Spoon is not going to have the mass appeal of other software products.  It is not a “get rich quick” product made for the layman.  Domain Spoon is for “domainers” and entrepreneurs already familiar with finding Expired Domains or building private blog networks.  If you have a very targeted list, then yes, email marketing will work incredibly well.


Why Clickbank?

When Domain Spoon started out, I had to make a decision on what membership software to use.  After weighing the options, I found that I liked Digital Access Pass the most.

DAP already had an affiliate program, but it wasn’t really what I was looking for.  For one, it required me to be the affiliate manager and write checks.  Although that may not sound like a big deal, I didn’t want to worry about stuff like that.  Being the affiliate manager took time away from making customers happy and Domain Spoon more awesome.

Long story short, we decided to go with Clickbank.  Here’s why…

Clickbank was founded in 1998 and has now grown into an online retail service provider with over 12,000 digital product vendors and over 100,000 active affiliates. Processing over 26,000 transactions daily, and averaging over 700,000 unique visits a month, Clickbank has grown into a major player in the affiliate network market.

So, affiliate management is ALL they do.  This allows me to spend more time adding new features to Domain Spoon and making the existing features better and more stable.


Sign Up As A Domain Spoon Affiliate Today

So, if you are interested in promoting Clickbank, go ahead and sign up with Clickbank and get started.


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